Quality compliances

Teraflor Premium is in line with quality requirements set by the relevant industry standard

Testing Items Standards 5.5mm Rigid Core Click System Test Report 2mm Glue System Test Report:
Result Result
Side length ISO 24342 Pass Pass
Aquareness ISO 24342 Pass Pass
Straightness ISO 24342 Pass Pass
Overall Thickness ISO 24346 Pass Pass
Total mass per unit area ISO 23997 Pass Pass
Thickness Wear layer ISO 24340 0.30mm 0.30mm
Dimension stability after exposure heat ISO 23999 Pass ≤0.15% Pass ≤0.25%
Curling after exposure heat ISO 23999 Pass ≤ 1.00mm Pass ≤ 2mm
Colour fastness to artificial light ISO 105B02:2014 Pass ≥ Grade 6 Pass ≥ Grade 6
Resistance to staining ISO 26987 Not affected, index 0 Not affected, index 0
Wear layer resistance EN 660-2 EN649 P P
Slip resistance (Ramp test) DIN 51130 R10 Class DS R10 Class DS
Locking stranght ISO 24334 Long side: 2.95kN/m -
Short side: 4.54kN/m
Castor chair resistance ISO 4918:2009 Pass Pass
Phlhalate content test (DBP/DEHP/BBP/DINP/DNOP/DIDP) EN 14372 Not Detected Not Detected
Heavy metal migaration EN 71-3 Not Detected Not exceed limit
Fungi resistance ISO 846 growth 0, No growth growth 0, No growth
Reaction to fire EN1404:2004 Bfl-s1 Bfl-s1
Formaldehyde emission EN717-1 E1 E1
Resilient floor covering classification EN685 23/31 23/31
Recyclable Yes Yes

Product Certified By

CE Certificate


UL Greenguard Gold
Emission Controls for Educational and Healthcare Environments

Certificate Number: 82804-420, 82807-420

DIBt Ü mark

Germany’s highest seal of approval for construction products (Environmental & health implications qualification)

Low VOC Certifications

VOC emissions test A+


Indoor Air Quality Certified for the School Classroom and Private Office Parameter

Registration Number: SCS-FS-03058

Indoor Air Comfort GOLD

Best-in-class low emissions, thus good for indoor air quality.